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Judging Criteria

App Development Challenge Judging Criteria


FIRST ROUND JUDGING: After the Submission Period ends, all eligible Entries will be judged by a panel of experts in the fields of mobile devices, cellular telecommunications, software development, and/or technology innovation (the "Expert Judges"). Sponsor will select the Expert Judges from I-Cubed, Convertigo, or from other organizations in the Sponsor(s)' sole discretion. For first round judging, the Expert Judges will consider each Entry under the following equally-weighted judging criteria: 


  1. Originality of Concept - Does the application introduce a great new idea?
  2. Effective Use of Convertigo technology - Does the application take advantage of Convertigo's unique and compelling features?
  3. Polish and Appeal - Is the application easy to use and aesthetically appealing?
  4. Indispensability - Is the application compelling and essential, such as a game the user just can't put down or a utility she can't live without?


Using these criteria, the Expert Judges will evaluate each Entry by giving it a score of one (1) to five (5) on each criterion (for a maximum total of 20 points). The ten (10) Entries with the highest scores will be determined to be "Contest Finalists" and will advance to the final round. In the case of a tie, a panel of judges selected by Sponsor will determine the Entries from among those that are tied that will advance to the second round.


SECOND ROUND JUDGING: Second round judging is only for entries selected as Contest Finalists in the first round judging. The same application submitted by these Participants for the first round will be distributed for judging in the second round. There is no opportunity to improve or modify an application between the first and second rounds of judging. All Contest Finalists for second round judging will be judged by Community Judges (defined as anyone who chooses to participate in judging and registers as a Community Judge on the I-Cubed Developer Portal, excluding Participants). Second round judging will be based on the same judging criteria from round 1 described above.